Los Gauchos Show in Kuwait by Milton & Gala


The amazing presentation of music, dance and precise fine movements of Milton and Gala can actually leave you dumbstruck. Milton and Gala are holders of the title Guinness World Record twice. For making this record, Milton has removed all the petals of 18 roses in the mouth of his partner Gala with the bolas (small balls fixed to the end of a rope) in just 2 minutes. On the occasion of Hala Feb, these Spanish performers are coming to Kuwait to present their Los Gauchos Act from February 20 to February 27.


Date: February 20 to 27, 2015
Location: Carnival City, KIF, Mushrif, Kuwait
Online Ticket Booking: http://feb.kuwait.tt/los-gauchos.html

Credit: Carnival City, Kuwait

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